LBW – Your Leading Geelong Business Advisor

Begin your business growth journey with the support and guidance you and your business needs to achieve your goals.

Relationships are at the core of how we do business.  We build long lasting, trusting relationships with all of our clients.  Keeping up with all of the legislative requirements, the day to day operations and creating the opportunities for a business to grow can be challenging.  At LBW we support business owners every step of the way.  Our business advisor team is interested in understanding all aspects of your business – operations, goals and objectives.  We then work closely with you to identify ways to help you achieve those goals. 

We give you peace of mind by taking care of all of your compliance.  We also provide the commercial, strategic and financial expertise needed to run the business operations.  Our team of business advisors can provide the insights, tools and information that you need to make informed decisions.   Our business advisors can get involved at any stage, nothing is too big or small as they have specialist skills and experiences that will help you to measure, manage and grow your business.

LBW - Your Geelong Tax Accountant

Meet your tax compliance obligations and implement effective tax planning strategies.

Our specialist team of experienced tax accountants are ready to help you navigate the complexities of Australia’s tax system.  Whether you are looking for a tax return accountant to complete individual returns, or someone to advise on more complex strategic matters, our team has the knowledge and capabilities to assist.  All of our tax consultants have extensive experience servicing individuals, SMEs and multinationals and pride themselves on being proactive in their approach to our client needs.

We develop strong tax accountant relationships with our clients to ensure tax planning solutions, whether strategic tax advice or tax services, all meet individual needs and circumstances.

The regulatory tax landscape is constantly changing and the focus of the ATO changes to ensure that all businesses pay appropriate levels of tax.  Our tax consultants keep abreast of all legislative changes through ongoing professional development and can advise on all tax compliance obligations and provide effective tax planning strategies.

LBW - Your Superannuation (SMSF)

Take control of your wealth management, investment strategy, reduce tax and control administration costs with an LBW superannuation accountant specialising in SMSF's.

SMSFs are one of the most popular means of saving for retirement, especially if you have your own business. SMSF’s allow you to take control of your wealth management, investment strategy, reduce tax and control administration costs.

Once you have an SMSF set up, you can reap many benefits.  These include: 

  • Investment choice and control
  • Flexibility to retirement and beyond
  • Tax effectiveness
  • Family retirement vehicle
  • Active participation in Wealth management of the fund
  • More control over estate planning

Our SMSF team are experts in the delicate and complex area of superannuation law and can take care of the SMSF set up paperwork to ensure your legal requirements are met.

We provide you with proactive and personalised planning, expert advice and a range of super options to consider depending on your retirement goals and phase of life.

LBW - Your Leading Financial Planning Firm

Achieve your financial goals, develop a tailored investment strategy with an LBW financial advisor.

Our client focused financial advisors are wealth management specialists, armed with the tools and knowledge to help clients achieve their financial goals.  They offer tailored investment strategies to suit individual client needs and lifestyle stages.

Servicing the Geelong and surrounding areas for over 12 years, our financial advisors provide a high level of expertise and service in the financial planning market. The team at LBW Financial Planning are committed to improving the financial position of the clients we serve.  No matter what stage of life our clients find themselves in, the focus of the team is to add value by maximising financial wealth.

Clients are at the heart of what we do, and our financial advisors strive to provide excellence through tailored wealth management strategies that will assist our clients to reach their personal financial goals.  This could include assisting new parents to find affordable and reliable insurance cover to protect their family, helping retirees manage an investment portfolio that derives a superior return that will help fund their annual holiday.

LBW – Your Leading Geelong Auditors + Assurance Advisors

Get assurance in relation to compliance obligations and insights into improvements that support your business goals and objectives.

We understand how important it is to find the perfect holistic audit service, at LBW our auditors have acquired years of experience providing audit and assurance services and have a strong emphasis on adding value for our clients.

Our auditors take pride in providing a service designed to deliver compliance with ease for our clients – much more than just ticking the boxes exercise. Our team of auditors and SMSF auditors are committed to providing assurance in relation to compliance obligations and insights as to improvements tailored to support your business goals and objectives – all in a timely manner.

To ensure the highest quality of advice in all client engagements, our auditors and SMSF auditors work closely alongside a Principal to guarantee you’re provided with the utmost quality service you deserve.

LBW – Your Leading Geelong Business Valuations and Forensic Accountants

Get assurance and accuracy with a forensic accounting specialist who has the skills and experience to conduct independent and professional business valuations.

Our specialist team are experts in providing the highest quality service in business valuations, forensic accounting and succession planning.   At LBW we recognise such areas require high levels of knowledge, experience and expert skills to ensure client needs are met in delivering the utmost quality service.

Throughout the lifecycle of your business, a number of events can trigger the requirement for a formal business valuation or the appointment of a forensic accountant.

LBW – Your Leading Geelong Estate Planners

Get the peace of mind that your assets will be managed how you want.

It’s often a topic no one wants to discuss but at a time of bereavement and high emotional distress, estate planning and real estate valuation is essentially about peace of mind; knowing your assets will be managed how you want, now and into the future.

Estate planning is important for you and your beneficiaries regardless of your age. Family units are becoming increasingly complex, and for this reason, estate planning and real estate valuation have become even more critical over the years.

Our experienced and understanding team can provide the guidance your family will need during this difficult time. We can liaise with solicitors, together with executors and trustees of your will. And for business owners, a succession plan is essential. At LBW Business + Wealth Advisors, we can guide you through the process of providing business continuity.