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The 2016 GBEA presentation night was held at the Arena on Thursday 18 August 2016. The night was extremely successful and all attendees made very positive comments in relation to the night.

There were 20 awards up for grabs by the entrants with the main Business of the Year award being won by Adroit Insurance. This was an amazing win for Andrew and his team at Adroit after winning the Commercial Service Large business award earlier in the night. Adroit entered the awards in 2012 and won best first year award. Their transformation over the past 4


As business owners plan to retire from their business, to ensure the long term success of the business, it is critical to establish a well designed succession plan. Co-ordination of the transition of your business to your successors can be an arduous process. However, with LBW Chartered Accountants years of experience we can address the complex issues of business continuation, taking the stress off your shoulders.

Whilst these two services appear markedly different it is more often the case that the two are delivered in conjunction with each other.

The term Forensic essentially refers to the application of a specific specialist skillset in the investigation and reporting of evidence for use in civil legal dispute resolution or criminal matters.